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New Hire Welcome Kits

Don’t waste your marketing money by choosing the wrong SWAG  for your onboarding kit or swag box! Buy new hire welcome kit promotional products hand-picked by a trusted expert that are aligned with your marketing vision.

Popular Products in a New Hire Onboarding Kit:

  • North Face jacket
  • Full zip hooded sweatshirt
  • Short Sleeve tee shirt
  • Polar water bottle with straw
  • Wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker
  • Baseball hat
  • Backpack, laptop case
  • Metal pen, stylus
  • Moleskin notebook
  • Webcam cover
  • Coffee mug

Case Study: New Hire Welcome Kit Success Story

Read our Case Study to learn more about how working with Promo Print Plus has helped an operations manager acquire high quality swag to create a sense of unity and project excellence and quality to prospects, clients and employees.

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Hear More About Gina’s Success Story for Welcome Kits

Gina Atof, owner of Promo Print Plus discusses her latest success story of how Promo Print Plus empowers businesses with innovative new hire welcome kits or “Swag boxes.” Promo Print Plus plays an essential in assisting operations managers, human resources managers, and marketing managers enhance their onboarding processes with unique, hand-picked promotional items for new employees.

Buying Promotional Products with Concierge Level Service:
What it Means

You will get over the top customer service as well as creative marketing ideas that fit your budget, timeline and marketing plan.

Why Choose a Promotional Products Supplier with Concierge Level Service?

You’re not sure what to order and you’re on a deadline.

Ordering custom items through a website puts you at risk, since there are lots of ways it could go wrong.

Researching this stuff could take years and you still wouldn’t know what to order or what you’re getting.

You’re not even sure what to put on the items.

Whatever your budget, you want the money to be spent well, but you’re not sure how.


We receive wholesale pricing (or better) from our vendors. Because we have relationships with vendors, we get special pricing which is better than the average distributor. We pass along that savings to the customers when we sell for better than retail pricing. 

As a promotional products supplier, I hate when there are hidden charges, so I created “ALL IN Pricing”. Typically all costs associated with your project are included in estimates except for tax. This includes shipping, setup charges, and proofs.  What you see is what you get. There are NO HIDDEN COSTS. 

There is no standard production time. I work with so many vendors across the world, so it depends on the item you’re ordering and where I’m sourcing it from. This is a great thing to discuss in an initial consult.

Yes. Typically I’ll only need to charge for shipping. This can vary depending on your needs.

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