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Gina’s Story

Let me tell you a bit about myself…

With a B.A. in Art, M.A. in Education, certificate in Graphic Design, and over 20 years in marketing, I bring a critical eye, experience, and knowledge to every project.

With my background in graphic design, I knew that I could help people create well-designed logo items that impressed their clients, order better quality stuff, get more for their money, and save tons of time.  They would get exactly what they wanted to look good to their clients and community.  I would do all the legwork and build the relationships and understand the quality of the products from each vendor.  I was on a mission. 

As I built this business, I also made connections with local, women-owned businesses that provided great items, I discovered vendors who made sustainable products, and I studied where things are made and the levels of quality from each vendor. This goes much deeper than just knowing where to get decent foam fingers. 

The result? I give a concierge-level service for business owners who need quality branded items, so they don’t waste time and money on online ordering again.  That’s what I do every day from my office in Worcester, MA as a promotional product supplier. I have solid connections to thousands of vendors that offer millions of products in all quality levels. My years of experience mean that every order is not only accurate, but strategic. I go deep with my clients to insure their items fit their overall marketing plan and truly represent their brand. 

How I Became a Promotional
Products Supplier

I love finding stuff online, since you can get ANYTHING.  If I wanted to, I could find a replica of the entire set of Central Perk from Friends, complete with the orange couch and coffee mugs. I could even order a Joey button that says, “How YOU doing?”  

But like most of us, I have struggled with the downsides of online ordering. When I shop from a new store, 3 out of 4 times the items are not what I want. It can take forever for orders to arrive. Maybe the return policy is not great. Or the shopping cart is a hot mess of confusion, and there is no actual human to help me. Argh. 


Welcome to the roadblocks and pitfalls to online shopping.

I decided I wanted to get good at this by finding vendors I trust and researching all the ins and outs of ordering. First I did this for my own reasons – I wanted to stop wasting time. But soon I realized there was a need in the marketplace: business owners need branded items from a promotional product supplier who makes them stand out, they want to look good, and they can’t waste time looking for the right items. They run into the same problems I do when they don’t know the vendors or the quality of the items.



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